Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hell yes.

I just watched the Jim Carrey film, Yes Man. it's the one with Rhys darby in it.

I'm not a huge Carrey fan, but this does have quite a few laugh out loud moments. It also has a few, y'know, Jim Carrey moments, but they're the exception rather than the rule - he's pleasantly toned down for a change & the film is funnier for it.

Carrey is Carl, a guy who hasn't got over his marriage breakup 3 years ago & makes excuses not to have a life. His friends are giving up on him, particularly when he forgets his best friend's engagement party.

Anyway, he attends a self motivation convention featuring an Uber-creepy Terrence Stamp "Say yes a million times and then say it a million times more, what you have just said 2 million times is...?"

"YES" his followers roar.

In a very embarrassing exchange, Carl enters into a covenant with Stamp to say "Yes" to every opportunity that presents itself.

On his first day, Carl takes up flying, Korean, and guitar lessons (all of which come in handy down the track - the singing-the-suicidal-jumper-off-the-ledge scene is particularly inspired), drives a homeless man up into the hills & gives him the use of his mobile phone. Just like in the Secret, the universe starts giving things back to Carl big time. His life does a 180 degree spin, his friends start to like him again, he hooks up with Zooey Deschanel, and gets a promotion.

He starts to treat people better, he attends a Harry Potter theme party at the home of his boss (Rhys Darby doing Murray), which I thought was one of the funniest sights I'd laid eyes on until the 300 theme party later on in the movie. Imagine please, a near naked Darby clad in leather undies, fake beard, sword, shield and horn rimmed glasses roaring "We are SPARTAAAAA!" It's chilling.

There are downsides... there's a scene with a randy old lady that had me covering my eyes.

But on the whole, I'm quite taken with the film and the concept, I have resolved that from tomorrow morning, I shall be alive to opportunities.

Of course, I have the advantage that I have seen the end, where Carl learns that it is OK to say "No" now & then.

SO I won't be: learning to fly, bungy jumping, getting a blowjob from an octogenarian (nor anyone that is not called Mrs Llew). Chances are slim that I will drive a hobo anywhere.

But aside from that, and with all the fine print terms and conditions applying, hell YES!