Thursday, January 25, 2007

Comet watching

Well I'm keen - all I need now is for the weather to oblige & gimme a good view of the Western horizon at dusk. Come to papa...

So far, it's been cloud & sea fog every evening.

yesterday, when we planned not only to catch the comet from our west facing garden, while simultaneously barbecuing dinner... the rain & mist eased slowly in about one hour before sunset, easing out my ill-concealed glee at the dual prospect with them, my pork steaks looking less & less like they were going to see the great outdoors, let alone a comet.

Well. In the spirit of positive affirmation & deserving & expecting the very best that life & the universe can deliver, tonight is the night. Comet & barbecue (although the steaks are gone, and something else will take their place on the flames), hell, I might even deserve a few beers too.

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