Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'That could turn a gay man straight!'

Did you catch the first episode of this year's Hayley Holt Show? I did. And appropriately enough, I have nothing intelligent to say about it.

But giving Hayley a good run in the hot blonde dancer stakes is Nerida Jantti (I don't get this - she used to be Nerida Lister, then shacked up & bred with Shane Cortese... so now somehow she's Nerida Jantti?). Have you noticed her pointy ears? She's got this whole elf thing (if elves dressed like strippers) going on. I like it.

As for the Slebs themselves... here's where google becomes my enemy... how come Geeling Ng looks so old?

And as Jane Bowron pointed out in a piece I can't find online, now the dancers are more famous than the Slebs.

Anyway... no politicians this year. Pity. And somehow they made Miriama Smith look like a front row forward wearing a cocktail dress. How do they do that?

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