Friday, April 04, 2008

For Sue

My sister Sue had a presence that belied her tiny size. And in the short time we’ve had with her, she’s given more than most people would in a 100 years.

She had an incandescent energy that nothing could suppress and she lived every moment to the full .

She had an inexhaustible capacity for love. Her generosity touched the lives of so many people from one end of the earth to the other.

Her heart was in her family. Her best friend and loving husband Murray; her two wonderful boys Rorie & Owain; the wider French & Llewellyn families; the Mitchem clan that she lived with for a few years in Wales; and the Prices in Avalon; her friends were her family and her family were her friends.

My little sister Sue was, at different times, my confidante, my counsellor, my advisor, my comforter, my friend and on occasion, my conscience - if that’s what she thought I needed. I was clearly her older brother, so she was always diplomatic and respectful, but she had no qualms about calling to suggest I consider a certain course of action. Just consider it, mind you.

I was proud of my little sister:

She was about family.

She was an organiser.

She was fiercely Welsh. A leek carrying, red dragon wearing, Max Boyce quoting, Welsh patriot. Sue gave me a Welsh flag one year for Christmas and berated me for not visiting a coalmine the last time I was in Wales.

She had a ready & infectious laugh.

She was a loving mother, enormously proud of her beloved boys. She told me about a recent assembly where Rorie & Owain both spoke. She was just bursting with pride.

She was a loving wife. And a loved wife.

She loved her mum and they enjoyed a close bond.

She was a Sci-fi geek. Sue & I regularly discussed the merits of various cult films, books & TV series over the years. Just recently, we caught Jason & the Argonauts on TV, and we both hooted with laughter.

She was not one to shy from challenges.

And she was just the bravest little sister in the world.

I’m going to miss her love, counsel, advice, respect, comfort and regular “To do” lists

Sue filled our lives with laughter, love & order. She’s left a huge hole in our hearts, but her passing has brought us all closer together.

To all of you – families and friends – we were so lucky to have had Sue in our lives. We’ll hold her in our hearts forever.