Friday, August 04, 2006

How was Dr Who last night?

I've decided to experience TV vicariously. Actually, it's because I always forget to tape the shows that I'd like to see. Ironically, I manage to remember (must be the constant nagging) to tape the dross that other family members want to see.

So. I am completely up to date with the angst & shenanigans (that'd be a great name for a rock band don't you think?) that is Gray's Anatomy.

But I completely forgot to tape the last two episodes of Dr Who. I was interested to see how they handled bringing back the K9 character, since that object was one of the reasons I stopped watching the show back when Jon Pertwee was the Dr. That, and shifting countries & finding out I had no fecking idea what was going on anymore - Time Lord? What's THAT shit!? And I hated Tom whatisface who came next.

Anyway... K9 was pretty lame, is he/it still?

And then last night, correct me if I'm wrong, the cybermen reappeared. Those guys used to completely shit me. Looking back at photos now, from the Patrick Troughton days (now THERE was a Dr Who!), I have to say they looked even lamer than K9, silver suits with what was that? - a kettle on their heads? I tell you, if it came to a stoush between them & the Borg, I think the Borg might die laughing. Anyway, just shows that since they completely paralysed me with fear & suspense, there was more to it than the cheap costuming.

So how'd they go? Anyone, anyone?