Wednesday, April 11, 2007

At Least He Enjoyed Himself.

I guess tradition demands I make some comment. But really, the show was quite boring. Highlight WAS, of course, Michael Laws, tripping the "Gorm" fantastic.

I get told off for being mean to them - apparently I should have said "She's looking good!", instead of "She MUST have had plastic surgery!", of course, maybe it's years & years of living solely off Natural Glow crystals.

And I should have said "At least he's having fun!" rather than "He's really crap."

Will the good people of Wanganui rally behind & keep him in the show? Ultimately, who cares? Especially if he's going to appear in those slash front sequinned suits.

But first impressions:

Suzanne Paul - surprisingly good. And to be honest, looking better than she did in the telemarketing days. She really MUST have had some work done.

Frank Bunce - pretty crap. It'd be rude of me to suggest he's more interested in putting the spadework into scoring his partner, but hey, I'm rude like that.

The Pongia guy - pretty good! also looks like he's working the spade, and who'd blame him?

April - not bad, but her partner, Chubba-chup or something, looks like a stoner. Not to mention a prize knob.

Holmesy - about what we'd expect. Nothing flash. The poor guy was more concerned that the judges might be irreverent. They weren't. They must have been briefed by someone.

Who am I missing, oh yeah Greer Robson - could be a contender, can dance, is apparently fiercely competitive. The judges seem to dislike her.

Megan Alatini - has she had dance training? Looks suss. If legit, should meet Pongia in the final.

Who AM I missing. Oh yeah - Michael Laws! Crap! but seems to be enjoying himself. Could be around at the expense of more deserving dancers. Or, if Wanganui despise & abandon him, could be resting his broken toe in no time at all.

Judge mauls Laws on Dancing with the Stars -