Monday, April 02, 2007

Everything for Sale

I saw this movie at varsity - it was one of the movies we had to see & critique for a course called History & Criticism of Film.

Great course, for all the entertaining ones like The General, I'd bring a load of mates along.

I didn't bother if it was a Polish Arthouse film from 1969 though.

Everything for Sale is a semi-autobiographical movie from Andrzej Wajda and concerns a famous Polish film-maker looking at his life following the suicide (or drunken mishap - he fell off a moving train) of his most famous leading man Zbigniew Cybulski (there is no photo on this page, so you'll have to trust me when I say that Cybulski looked like Trampas/Doug McClure). The two had worked on Wajda's masterpiece, Ashes & Diamonds.

Wait - I found a photo

It wasn't immediately apparent to me, but then I can be like that, maybe I was hungover at the time, but the title explains the film - Everything for Sale = selling out.

And so we watch the film director selling out completely, and his surviving stable of actors, and pretty much everybody except the leading man who was too busy getting laid, getting drunk, and falling out of trains to bother selling out. Although wikipedia says he fell under a train trying to catch it... if my memory isn't playing with me, Everything for Sale has it slightly different. But it could be my memory - hey, if you come to watch it, let me know.

So anyway, find & see all these movies as they're well worth it. Especially The General.

Wszystko na sprzedaz - Everything for Sale (1969)

And SunnyO, the old one is for sale now, the sign went up yesterday. Chances are it'll be bought by a developer, it's 2.5 acres of residential, coastal land. We haven't even told our neighbours what's happening, but they'll have seen the sign by now.

It is available to rent though, until it gets sold.

And the sheep are for sale although wuss that I am, I'd like them to go to retirement paddocks, rather than freezers (I'll give them away to a good home), . I think the ewes will be easy to rehome, people want lambs. The wethers may be a bit more difficult to shift, although they are characters & very efficient lawn mowers & fertilisers.

I've been making a case to take 2 of them to the orchard, as I really am no fan of mowing lawns, with or without a ride-on mower. Mrs llew reckons M & her boyfriend H will happily do the mowing, but from my own experience, I know that will last two, maybe three occasions & then it'll be down to me again.