Thursday, June 28, 2007

World's longest single word domain name.

No, I can't pronounce it & see very little reason to learn. But hey, get along there & there're all sorts of interactive, fascinating things to do.

OK, I'm exaggerating.

And anyway, if it's a single word, what's that hyphen doing there?


It is possible to send emails from "

What fun!

Further update:

Yes, if you got a plea from help from Elvis, stuck in Llan.. Lla... that place for the last 30 years... it was me.

But you know what really strikes me though, if this place is so neat, how come after you've visited the site & sent an email from elvis... it takes you to a page where you can book your holiday... in France!!

I'll take a punt then, that the site is funded by some local council:

"Hey, let's get a website for Llanf... but since its such a shithole, we'll use the site to peddle cheap hols in France. Brilliant!"