Wednesday, September 12, 2007


We have lots of lawn at SunnyO. Lots & lots of lawn. We have formal lawn - there's a picture below with a home made croquet hammer - we have informal lawn, we have orchard, we have lawn that has very little grass & a lot of weeds.

It takes, apparently, 5 hours to mow the lot.

We have 20 litres of lawn weedkiller in the shed too. In the past, I've spot sprayed with Roundup. I've also been threatened with castration if I ever do that again, it leaves hubcap size circles in the lawn. Crop circles!

So I fired up a big sprayer with the lawn weeder stuff, and I set to in the orchard - on the grounds that this is the very, very informal lawn & munging it will not result in minor surgery. I did this about a month ago.

And it worked well, weeds just shrivelled away & grass took over.

SO last week it was the turn of the informal lawn outside the house, which is the picture below showing a deck & polyanthus & roses, and the citrus/magnolia area (below).

The next day, I decided to spray the very few weeds in the formal lawn. I did so, liberally, covering maybe half until I needed to refill.

I refilled the sprayer, then I noticed.... shock! Horror! I'd filled the tank with Roundup. Luckily I spotted it. I changed it to lawn stuff.

But... did I fill the first run, with which I sprayed half the formal lawn, with Roundup or Lawn spray?

Only time will tell. Only time will tell.