Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The very best exchange of the evening... #2

What is it about weddings that bring out the best (or worst) in people? We attended a fantastic wedding a few years ago in Whitianga, where I heard the funniest thing by means of an introduction to someone...

SunnyO: The very best exchange of the evening...

But this Easter weekend we attended a very different wedding celebration. It was outdoors in a lovely garden (around 5 hectares as best I can figure) that's been groomed for a special day.

I won't go into details because google will betray me, but it was what we happily referred to as a "bogun wedding". That was a reference to many of the guests, friends of the groom. And the fact that there were two baths filled with ice & beer & possibly 6 bottles of wine in all. I drank beer.

But onto the best exchange of the afternoon - Mrs Llew & I were chatting to a woman we know, who was there on her own & who was also bemoaning that she'd overdressed for the occasion - she was wearing a very nice cocktail dress & was standing next to a woman in her very best jeans & boots, just across from a guy in his very best denim shorts (I'm sure the others he had were far more ripped) and gumboots.

But that's by the by - we were standing there taking in the very pleasant ambience, when the groom approached with a man who resembled Brisco County Jr.

Groom: Tash, this is my mate Dave. He's single.

Tash went silent, but Mrs Llew reports she took her arm & dug her fingernails into it. Dave stood behind the groom grinning like a congenial moron. I really wanted to 1. Burst out laughing and 2. Suggest maybe they'd like some time alone together.

Tash: (Embarrassed) Hi Dave.

Groom: Well y'know, I just thought people could get happy, have a few drinks, have a good time... actually Tash, you probably wouldn't get on with Dave, he's an alcoholic.

Mrs Llew: My goodness, this gets better the more we get to know Dave.

Groom: No. It's true, all my mates are alcoholics.

Me: I think it's catching, I'm going to find another beer.

Tash tagged along looking for wine & avoiding Dave. She slipped away not too long after. Without Dave, we checked :)