Friday, November 23, 2007

Voting now open in the Awas!

I'm so over old cows now. That was so 5 minutes ago.

Well mostly. I did find myself soaring over Carterton on Google Earth at one stage :)

But onto business - the voting has opened in the Second Annual Wellingtonista Awards - I probably should be putting all sorts of banners & badges on this site somewhere.. um... but I haven't read the instructions.

So click on the link below & get along & vote in the 20 catagories that make up the Second Annual Wellingtonista Awards! There is even a ceremony night! With celebrities & stuff. But it's oversubscribed aqlready, so maybe I needn't have mentioned it. Sorry.

Voting now open in the Awas! | the wellingtonista

In other news, I have some photos to post up at some stage, photos of the garden mostly - like our Laburnum March, which we're told is one of only two in the country, the other being at Larnach Castle. Anyway, it looks amazing, with long yellow flowers hanging from the the canopy that's grown over a long, what do you call it, pergola? , and photos of the sea, with whales underneath, not that you'd notice though.