Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The big smear

David Farrar: The big smear

Hit me baby...Call me irresponsible, but I for one would welcome the last few days of this election campaign descending into a mire of mudslinging. But then I'm easily amused.

It'd be fantastic theatre, a guilty pleasure, and imagine, when the mud has dried, the dust has settled, the votes are cast & counted... all the dirty laundry would be hung out for all to see, reputations besmirched (and enhanced, depending on your point of view perhaps), it'd be a level playing field. And we'd probably all forget about it pretty quickly.

I'm presuming, of course, that any potential smear that hasn't yet been smeared would not be of such a nuclear impact to put anyone in jail. Maybe a few hitherto unsuspected peccadilloes, some lapse in judgement long ago come back to haunt existing or aspiring MPs. Who knows?

A lot of people claim to know, but sadly (or perhaps, fortunately), I am clearly not on the grapevine.

And off topic, but interesting nonetheless... Mud-Slinging to Buddhism.