Monday, January 29, 2007

Politics: Citizens unite by Jane Clifton | New Zealand Listener

The column isn't online until 17 Feb, unfortunately. I draw it to your attention because Wilma & I got mentioned :)

Politics: Citizens unite by Jane Clifton | New Zealand Listener

Ridge plans Kiwi future with Loos

Not that I'm one to trade in scurrilous Z grade celebrity gossip, but...

Oh wait, yes I am...

Do we give this relationship any chance of lasting long enough for the happy couple (and Ridge) to settle in NZ?

And once here... think of the reality TV shows we have to look forward to... the gossip columns... especially when she appears on Dancing with the Stars & runs off with both Brendon & Candy...

Yay. Bring it on. (Not).

Ridge plans Kiwi future with Loos -

Thursday, January 25, 2007

That reminds me...

One of the things on my list to do this holiday was appear again on TV. Last holidays, and it's on here somewhere, but I can't be arsed searching, I appeared in a brief TV3 slow news day segment. I was filmed planting a tree. I thought maybe I'd get my own gardening show gig from it, but not so far...

So this year the plan was to get another airing, but maybe this time with a few lines to say & demonstrate my TV chops.

Didn't happen, despite the same TV3 camerman from last year holidaying next door for much of the break.

Anyway, I wasn't wedded to TV3 News, I'd have settled for a Shortland Street, Outrageous Fortune or even Karaoke High walk on.

But what p[roved galling, was opening the Listener (or was it the TV guide, I can't recall) and seeing someone I know, with his own, brand new show.


Spare Room » Blog Archive » TV Review: The School of Home Truths

But I have a plan B - and that is, when Ralston is finally ousted as head of TVNZ news, Damian Christie will get his job (positive affirmation expressed to my good mates, Life & the Universe & everything once again) and will tap me to host my own current affairs show. Possibly a bit like Eating Media Lunch, but not so serious & informed.

Or something, hey, I do gardens too!

Comet watching

Well I'm keen - all I need now is for the weather to oblige & gimme a good view of the Western horizon at dusk. Come to papa...

So far, it's been cloud & sea fog every evening.

yesterday, when we planned not only to catch the comet from our west facing garden, while simultaneously barbecuing dinner... the rain & mist eased slowly in about one hour before sunset, easing out my ill-concealed glee at the dual prospect with them, my pork steaks looking less & less like they were going to see the great outdoors, let alone a comet.

Well. In the spirit of positive affirmation & deserving & expecting the very best that life & the universe can deliver, tonight is the night. Comet & barbecue (although the steaks are gone, and something else will take their place on the flames), hell, I might even deserve a few beers too.

Public Address | In the Days of the Comet

tanya horo porn movie - Google Search

A somewhat optimistic google search.

tanya horo porn movie - Google Search

You may or may not know that Tanya Horo also goes by the names Marvey King, and Miss Lucy.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Step by Step Instructions

For making one of these:

Step 1

step 2

step 3

step 4

step 5

step 6

step 7

step 8

step 9

it should be noted that this edifice is intended to shelter a small copse of young crabapple trees from the withering nor'wester.

it should also be noted that since its construction, the wind has blown incessantly, and equally as witheringly, from the south.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

IDLE VICE - best blog title in ages!

have a close look - could it be that Mrs Smith used to post as Ms Vile File?

I'd ask, but I seem to have acquired a cookie problem & making comments on some people's sites seems to be an effort. Although my browser swears that cookies are enabled...


Wednesday, January 17, 2007

to solemnly tell what no man has told before

A few posts back I split an infinitive (shock/horror!!)

"they had a creepy safety officer at the time who used to solemnly tell us of his lifelong study of poisons..."

Years ago I had a comment added to the end of an essay I wrote, just after whatever mark I got, which said "infinitives are far more elegant unsplit". And by and large I have lived my life accordingly ever since.

Then, over the break I read an article somewhere in which the writer argued that this grammatical rule is pretty much poppycock.

You see the reason teachers for hundreds of years have inisted on students not splitting the infinitive, is because in Latin, from which English has evolved, the infinitive was a single word which could not be split anyway (I believe he said that some other Latin descended modern languages still sport this feature). And so on that spurious basis, we have laughed at William Shatner's " boldly go" as if he was some sort of grammatical moron.

Turns out he has the last laugh on us all. And so henceforth, I promise to boldly split my infinitives & to faithfully crusade on the issue wherever, and whenever. Like.... whatever!

There. Let that be the last word on the subject.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Award Winning Blogger! Apparently.

Award Winning!I forgot to post this a while back - my Quixote award for services to Wellington's weather. I'd link to the Quixotic post that accompanied it, but they come & go it seems...

Here's the one that reminded me though. And my cholesterol is just fine thanks.

peterquixote: Ilew's cholesterol

If you haven't seen this... you should.

Reminds me of my student holiday job at Dulux paints - they had a creepy safety officer at the time who used to solemnly tell us of his lifelong study of poisons...

...and who, during fire extinguisher practise would make inappropriate comments to the people with the extinguishers: "He's very potent!", "That's a BIG one!", "Hold firmly onto your hose!"

But less creepily, this also reminds me of numerous barbecues past...

Spare Room » Blog Archive » A Fire Safety Demo… goes horribly wrong...

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Kaka

To deflect attention from my apalling (SunnyO word of the day) last post...

Prior to Christmas, on a couple of occasions, I noticed two rather large, dark green parrots playing in a tree near the top of the Cable car. Someone who seemed to know told me they were "Kaka", native parrots. That's since been confirmed by all & sundry, and so we can assume that these new neighbours are indeed the real thing & not escapees from a local aviary.

In fact, they almost certainly will have hailed from the nearby (as the kaka, kereru & tui fly) Karori Wildlife Sanctuary.

And am I correct in assuming that this has been a bumper breeding season for birds? New ducklings continue to appear at the duckpond, way past the end of Spring, tui continue to thrive & reluctantly share their territory with interlopers... and in the last few days, it's not two kaka playing & harassing the jealous tui, it's more like 6 or 8 (depending on who you talk to).

At around 6pm, the air is pierced with their high pitched call, interspersed with the occasional appalling squawks - I'm undecided if these squawks are also the kaka, or some huge magpies I've seen in the vicinity.

Whatever, it looks like the tui are having to cede some territory, albeit extremely reluctantly.

Kākā - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Appalling Christmas story.

Some of our guests arrived 2 days early this year. They were to have come through just before New Year's Eve... but we knew plans had changed when we rang them on Christmas day.

"I'm sorry, Rupert and his father had words last night & the family drove South at 2am..."

We didn't ask for details, but wondered at the gifts for Rupert's children lying under his parents' tree in Napier.

A swift call to a mobile revealed that Rupert & loved ones drove to Taupo to spend Christmas & a few days there. No further update (about which we were scrupulously disinterested) on the cause for the dispute.

Eventually the story did come to light, and it is an appalling tale, but briefly:

Rupert's father is a curmudgeon who regularly battles with his family, and routinely threatens one or the other with being cut from the will should they talk to one or another about various & historic family issues...

But no worse than that, I mean, lots of families have these in their midst.

This year though...

Christmas Eve, 2006, a big family dinner, at least for those of the family being spoken to at that time, drinks, festive music, grandparents, parents, step-parents, children, grandchildren. Alcohol. And I'm guessing (but guess it merely is) prescription medicines of some sort.

All was going swimmingly, the women folk were dancing, some of the men folk were talking.

Over in the corner Grand-dad, not all that elderly, by himself, deemed this the appropriate time to get the family jewels out & show them around.

Words ensued. Heated words.

Families drove away.

Is it wrong that I am both appalled & strangely amused by this?

Meetings with Remarkable Men - The Chief of Sinners

Approximately 4 times a week, during our extended break, would find me & a 14 year old on her way to rowing practice, standing on Paraparaumu railway station waiting for the 8.35am to Wellington to arrive.

Having performed my drop off, and waiting just long enough to ensure the train was on time, I'd head back to SunnyO for about 4 hours until it was time for me to head South again to pick up the sporto.

Over the statutary holidays the station was bereft of humanity. Except of course for us. Later, as commuters started heading back to work, the place got pretty busy, although it should be noted that the public lavvy there is regularly devoid of loo paper, soap, and even on occasion, will not flush.

I would have reported that last one, except that on emerging onto the platform to go tell someone in authority, I was stopped by the open, smiling visage of a familiar face...

I've speculated about this guy in the past, even dreamed up some appropriate backstories for him. Then I got bored with it.

He was in his trademark trilby hat & rainproof jacket, and yes, he was staring right at me. He flicked a glance at the girl who'd joined me and asked, "Is THIS your daughter?"

He said "I've seen you in town!". I had to admit that over the course of what must surely be the last 25 years or so, I've seen him too. What most surprised me is that he recognised M, she later told me that he regularly targets her in his ministrations for the Lord, whenever she walks past. De ja vu.

Anyway, he asked if we lived up that way, I told him only sometimes, mostly we're in town. He asked where & then was able to give me the address of the closest mission to our house. Useful. I think he said that he lives in Forest Lakes... that's a long commute in my opinion.

He asked our names & I gave them. Then in return, I asked his. He looked stricken for a moment, then he leaned in close & conspiratorially whispered "The Chief of Sinners!"

He smirked, then added "But I have been redeemed!"

Then, I missed it, but M swears he added quietly, "Confidentially, it's Paul".

Which if you ask me would be the perfect christian name for someone of his calling.

Anyway, we bade our farewells, M waitied until he'd boarded & chose the carriage furthest away...

We didn't come across him again, but I'm guessing we will again before too long.