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Ye Olde Shoppekeepers - Read this morons.

I knew it was right. Hat tip to some probably dead Old (not Olde) English lecturers - something stuck.

Ye Olde - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The short precis is - there is no such word as "ye" and there never was. Fuckers.

Let the sign burnings begin.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Is 47 too old?

Heh heh... Someone who shall remain nameless just sent me this link, with that question...

Scarlett Johansson wants to adopt a child -

And it reminded me of a time when I was single, in my own home, and I briefly considered seeking a housekeeper, or "nanny" to clean house for me, care for the non existent children, and er... basically be at my beck & call with a variety of um... services.

But it was an idle thought only.

It reminded me of a boarder I had there for a while though - over those years I had a variety of people stay, an artist friend, who left me a few of his paintings & soon may he become famous!, a couple of women, who didn't clean that well but made themselves useful in other ways, and a colleague, who lived in the Hawkes Bay in the weekends, but in Wellington during the business week.

And it is he we will address in this post.

He was a contractor & paid by the hour. He worked late & generally availed himself of the staff canteen for $10 dinners & he'd come back to my place purely to sleep. He'd give me a lift to work though.

On those rare occasions he ate at home, he was a great pains to buy the meal's ingredients. He was generous like that.

He also refused to accompany me to the supermarket on the grounds that two men pushing the same trolley would be construed as gay.

I told him that chicks really dig gay men. But he wasn't swayed. Lucky for him, I'd have put my arm around him the moment a hot chick so much as smiled at us. Heh heh.

He was astonishingly candid also, so that periodically he'd get home & announce "I've just seen a hooker!" He kindly gave me her name & number too, she was local, but I never availed myself & so cannot report back on her charms & service - I'd moved on from the idea of hiring a nanny to keep all the knobs polished by then.

He was an interesting character though, he had a teenage son. And the son & the mother came & spent a weekend with us once. The story was that they'd had a one night stand many years before & a child ensued. The deal was that they acted for all the world like a family when together, but he made sure he worked elsewhere most of the time.

I do remember that in thanks for letting them stay she cleaned the place better than it'd ever been cleaned before! Maybe I should have been looking for a real housekeeper...

Phillip Alford - Where is he now?

Isn't the Internet amazing? It's brought us all so close... group hug!

Phillip Alford played one of Atticus Finch's children in the very classic movie To Kill a Mockingbird.

Last year, someone cruised this site with a google search string wondering where he is now. I posted that someone was curious as to the child star's current whereabouts.

SunnyO: Google Searching

And Phillip visited that post a long time afterwards & told us what he's up to.

So for any future fans curious...

Yes, still alive and in the construction business...I travel extensively doing Military construction...It's nice to know people are still interested in my whereabouts.

Phillip Alford

How cool is that!

Now... thus inspired...

Nastassja Kinski - where is she now?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's with Telecom at the moment?

I went to their website a week or so back & enquired via a form about linking two voicemail inboxes (they can do it, but they charge double, defeating the purpose) and broadband for SunnyO.

They sent me a reply with some information & asking me some questions. So I answered the questions & replied to the email - Messages to this email address bounce.

So I tried emailing the name of the person who replied -

Messages to victoria also bounce.

And there is no phone number in the message.


And feeling really confident that telecom can meet my needs... (NOT!).

Yay! About time.

Now for cinemas & theatres

Cellphone calls in prisons to be blocked -

Friday, August 17, 2007

NBR Beneficiary list

Amusing topic here lifted from the comments of Kiwiblog. In response to the NBR publishing their annual rich list, commenters are calling for someone to publish a list of the top 10 welfare beneficiaries.

Kiwiblog » Blog Archive » NBR Rich List

I may be alone, but I find that idea hilarious.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Poor rejected lamb

A couple of touching reads here - Minty the Massive pregnant sheep, who gave birth to two lambs, a boy & a girl, and then rejected the boy.

Your Place - Minty the Massive: good news and bad news

Minty's owner recounts attempts to re bond the two. Great pictures.

Your Place - Minty and family - mothering on progress

Glad I don't have to worry about this sort of thing anymore.

Warning for young or nervous viewers - there are graphic descriptions of what was happening to Minty's rear end at the time, and some gooey photos of new born lambs.

Friday, August 10, 2007

The Circle of Life

Or something - I haven't ever seen the Lion King.

Check this out! Amateur footage of feeding time at the watering hole. 8 minutes long - 2 minutes in the action starts.

Lions pounce on a hapless buffalo calf. It all looks pretty black for the little one. Then a crocodile attacks one of the lions & grabs the hind of the calf. It now looks blacker. A tug of war ensues.

Then, the buffalo herd that scattered, returns & takes on the lions who managed to free the calf from the croc.

Happy ending alert in case you were worried. One day I'll figure how to embed these thngs.

YouTube - Battle at Kruger

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sheesh... un-frickin-believable

Teen's fiery death described to court -

Izzat Steve Crow in this picture?

Auckland's mayor in waiting?*

Silent protest a success say organisers - New Zealand news on

* Heh, lets see if Aaron Bhatnagar still reads this blog :)

Last night.

Last night I encountered a guy I know - a labradoodle owner who, at the place I came across him, had his labradoodle off the lead & two kids rolling manically around on bikes. There was no-one else there at the time & I don't consider that a problem.

He asked me though, what did I think of the latest spate of dog attacks on children, and the PM's comments that further breeds may be outlawed. And what did it mean for us?

I told him it meant that we should keep our dogs on leads when out in public, especially if we own a staffordshire or pit bull terrier.

He solemnly agreed.

Then in the darkness we heard some people attemting to descend a steep & treacherous path. I clipped my dog up, his began barking & running up the path to meet the visitors.

The two people were talking as they came, seemingly oblivious to our presence.

My friend ignored his barking dog on its way to confront these people, he walked in the other direction.

A voice piped out of the darkness above "Shit. There's a dog!" Then more plaintively, "Is this dog OK?"

His owner called out "Yes" and then a high pitched exclamation came over the incessant barking, "Oh hello dog!"

And my friend is a lovely chap, but I couldn't help thinking to myself "Weren't you listening?"

New Zealand Dog News

Posthumous award for brave dog - on

Altogether now: AWWWWWWW....!!

Posthumous award for brave dog - New Zealand news on

In breaking news, the Gummint announces all dog breeds except Silky Terriers & Jack Russells (because we have a soft, er, Spot for them) are banned.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Someone tell her please

Kerry Prenderghast called & wants her haircut back.

Posh, Britney in restaurant spat -

Dog seized after biting two people

I wonder how many more posts I'll get in on the subject before something happens? How many more today even?

Anyway, part of the problem is this:

Miss Clark said she had "stronger views" on dog laws than most people, but every time there was a call for a tougher regime there was "pushback" from responsible dog owners and breeders.

That is because Prime Minister, your "tougher regime" has so far targetted responsible dog owners & breeders - microchips? Whatever for?

As soon as you start targetting the irresponsible dog owners - the unregistered, un-neutered dogs, and the so called "dangerous breeds", the rest of us will lay off.

It's simple, destroy or at the very least desex all unregistered dogs - local authorities know where they most of them are. I'm not all that keen on bans, but I'd probably not complain if the bulls (mastiffs & terriers) were outlawed - all the current registered ones desexed, all the unregistered ones destroyed.

Hmmm... I'm not convincing myself. OK - let's just say - start enforcing current dog laws & the problem may not disappear, but it'll sure reduce.

Dog seized after biting two people -

Oh - and more while I'm at it. Ms Clark also said:

The issue for me is whether that ban goes far enough and the breeds that are specified. The dog that mauled the small child in the park just in recent days was not on that list of banned breeds.

And would it have helped this child if the breed was on the list? I think not. There already IS a law against any breed of dog wandering. Enforce it.

The death of existentialism

I thought hard about that title. (Click on it & it may take you to a lemon meringue pie recipe - who knows?)

A sign from God

Hat tip to (and flogged from) Perry at the site below.

Your Place - Not A Good Omen

Spring is coming

I just noticed something... click on the titles of my posts & you'll go all over the web! There is a (n inadvertent BlogThis) reason for this behaviour, I'd just never noticed it before.

But onto the business at hand - Spring is coming, and I mentioned in the linked post below that I'll be spraying trees for fungus & caterpillars in October, after the nut trees start flowering.

SunnyO: By the way

And it's the flowering I wanted to mention - apparently the orchard goes berzerk (nuts?) with mostly white, but some pink flowering trees peppered through them.

And for the spraying, I have a 12 volt battery powered, boom spray on a little trolley. Haven't tried it out yet, but I've sourced gloves, & glasses which are rated for use with chemical sprays, I just need to get a suitable mask now. And I'm in business.

And I'll post pictures of the flowering orchard when the time comes.

Here we go, here we go, here we go...

I was going to say that I'm expecting an official announcement on the fates of certain dog breeds any time now...

Heroic action saves tot from dog -

But by the time I got around to it, there were some developments.

But just to get in ahead of anyone with the bright ideas - microchipping is not the answer to any other question than "Is this my lost dog?"

Nuts & avacadoes off the menu

One of the reasons I missed the Hustle for AUtism last night was that I spent a reasonable amount of my evening with meh dog at teh vet's. Just her annual checkup, but they were running really late.

And she's generally fit & well. Excepting that she's 4 kg too heavy - which I directly attribute to her cleaning up all the avacadoes that have fallen off the tree. From now on I'll cruise the area first with a bucket.

Her other problem is that she's cracked two teeth chewing macadamia nuts. She sneaks out to the orchard, grabs a mouthful of windfalls & finds herself somewhere quiet to take them apart & eat them.

Her teeth are OK at the moment, but any more damage and & not only will it become uncomfortable for her, but it'll be seriously & financially uncomfortable for me!

So plans to demolish the rotten fence that borders the orchard are on hold. I'll repair it instead.

Fecking dogs!

In good company

David Lynch joins the celebrated few.

peterquixote: Medallion of Quixote awarded to DAVID LYNCH

My medallion's around here somewhere.... maybe I shopuld put it at the top.

Monday, August 06, 2007

By the way

Did you know that by eating between 10 & 20 macadamia nuts each day you can reduce your cholesterol by up to 7%?

And did you know (Martha guessed) that you can eat as many macadamias as you like & you will NEVER put on weight?

I read that in the weekend, while looking up when to spray, & with what, the trees. (October, after flowering, for caterpillers & fungus).

Hustle for Autism

Tonight, San Fran Bath House in Wellington. Details at the end of this link.

Public Address | Speaker

Amongst the goods at auction will be 5kg of SunnyO Macadamia Nuts. In order to vary the tone of my comments on various random threads (They're selling my NUTS!)...

I'll be planting melons for next year.

Miscellaneous recent photos





Gnome Village

Gnome Village 1

Gnome Village 2

Gnome Village 3

Gnome Village 4

Normal transmission is resumed

Broken cable. Which is good, we rescued the 50mb of taped shows & movies.

Learned heaps about the box from the techo too. Next time I reckon I could fix it myself.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Crap driving from the Spare Room

The first two are laugh out loud funny.

Spare Room » Blog Archive » And You Thought Auckland Drivers Were Bad

Jamaican R18 Hedonism resort - Google Search

Number 1!!

Woohoo - imagine all those All Blacks who have vistited SunnyO looking for the source of Kelleher's happiness (until it all fell apart).

Jamaican R18 Hedonism resort - Google Search

Goodness, Colin Meads would not approve.

"Arty" Rugby World Cup promo from Paris. Work safe. Unless you work with Colin Meads.

Hat tip to TracyMac at PA System for posting the link in a comment.

BDDP & Fils

And this too.

And Spare Room beat me to it by a day - here's their take & some amusing comments.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I don't understand this.

Does Paris Hilton deserve her inheritance? Turns out 79% of respondents to this Stuff poll think she doesn't.

I voted yes, but I was concerned slightly by the question - does anyone "deserve" an inheritance? Can they earn one?

What I don't understand is why anyone even wants a say? (I said "yes" :). Surely it's the decision of the guy leaving the money. And as she's a blood descendant, should he decide to leave her anything, then yes, I suppose she deserves it.

Anyone voting "no" must be doing it out of spite, surely? - Poll Results

Paris see, I'm on your side, should the tide of public opinion turn from here on in, that's 5% of whatever the old bugger bequeaths, right?

Oh hell, I'm not greedy, make it .005% I'm sure I can manage on that.

Third World Country - Us?

Get this - our MySky decoder refused to start up at around 6pm Sunday - atmospheric conditions. And it was hosing down so I thought it might be credible.

Next day - clear skies were posing atmospheric problems apparently. So I called Sky & reported it. I've had great service from them in the past. And I daresay I may get great service again this time, just not very fast service.

Silly me having a problem the very same week they're cutting over to a new satellite (and no way that could be related is there?). And all their technicians are busy.

But they may be able to send someone round to check next monday. Yes that's right, a week away from the very time I reported the fault.

Good news is that we won't be paying for the days we have no TV reception, bad news is that we have shaky free to air reception at best (and even shakier programming on those channels), and nothing we've set to record will be recorded.

So it's gonna be a lot of DVDs between now & next week. Perhaps I'll have me a Sherlock Holmesathon.