Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Fantastic careers # 2 - Miss Lucy!!

She'll always be Miss Lucy to me.Hah! And we all thought we were clever finding out that Miss Lucy's real name is Marvey King only to discover her website (no pictures sorry, with or without bikini - but rejoice! I found some here!) and that Marvey King's real name is Tanya Horo...

Anyway. Have at it. Miss Lucy/Marvey/Tanya. Would write more, but personally find the original ad she appeared in lame... the rest are OK, although they could probably get her a new choreographer... and I think the "Where in the World is Miss Lucy" gig at the rugby games could feature a lot more shots of Miss Lucy actually someplace, rather than the stock footage of places they trot out.

Still, good gig, free travel (presumably) large swimsuit budget.