Monday, October 15, 2007


Circumstances have seen that in just over an hour's time I shall attend a committee meeting to find out what is in store for parents of participants of a particular sport over the coming season.

What will happen is:

- I will arrive on time
- I will spend 30 minutes outside in the cold & wet because no-one else has arrived
- Someone will ramble, and tell "amusing" and long stories about previous seasons
- Almost nothing of use will be imparted.
- And if anything is, it'll all change
- We'll trade email addresses
- Next year I'll enquire as to why we've received no emails over the season
- I'll be told that they must have the wrong email address for me.
- I will get home around 9pm

I used to be the president of a committee of a fairly large organisation. Under my reign... the average committee meeting lasted 12 minutes.

I'm not sure if that pleased the committee, or otherwise.