Monday, July 10, 2006

Fast And Safe. Ie: Faster = Safer

Check this out!

Remember, no-one is saying that they want the right to speed. But one of the following site's stated aims is:

"Because time is money, our need for greater speed and efficiency always drives progress."

Fast And Safe

And if someone cleverer than me can explain the point of the Facts & Myths about kinetic energy... please do, it argues that the following statement (from the LTSA) is rubbish:

"Exceeding the speed limit generates dangerous levels of kinetic energy" because:

"The kinetic energy of cars is insignificant compared with heavy vehicles"

So... cars are safe when they're speeding, because there are other vehicles which are less safe.


Anyway. I think it's tosh, put up by people who have way too much time perhaps. Who like speeding, but judge for yourselves.

But just to finish, because it's in the page labelled:

"Statistics taken out of context are completely meaningless." here's a quote taken out of context

"We all know places, times and conditions where driving at 140 kph (or 100 kph) is stark, raving lunacy. Equally there are other places, times and conditions where it may not be at all dangerous"