Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Random look at another blog

Does anyone ever go take a look at the Wig? It used to have some of the very best dating tips you'll ever find on the web.

And it was a ferocious combatant in the legendary Blog Wars.

It's not the first place I ever saw the term "ad hominem" but I think it holds the record for labelling its contributors with it (quite deservedly sometimes, The Wig himself polarised his audience quite remarkably). Although, they did a good line in it themselves too sometimes.

But it had its moments.

Hah. Cheap shots I know. I confess I used to go there to ask which one of them wore The Wig. Then the Wig came off & I think the place lost its edge.

Blair's gone. And site has regained an edge, but not one I particularly like. Tim Selwyn's comment at the end of this post is telling. And as for this one....

So... something I never thought I'd say... Bring Back Blair!

And before anyone accuses me of "ad hominem" attacks... I say "So?"