Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cooked Straight

Not the actual toilet seatJust come back from the airport where I dropped off the young 'un, for her first unaccompanied flight not as an "UM" (unaccompanied minor - turned 14 two days ago, and in her own words "past the novice teenager year & now the real thing"). Which means that she's at the mercy of the random seat allocation system (I'm told it's Monty, the Air NZ seat booking chicken out the back, pecking at numbered corn kernels).

I just hope she doesn't end up next to the seedy looking bunch of teeneagers there loudly discussing the RockQuest competition that they've got into the final of. Or something. Because, as some random train conductor argued a few weeks ago - on an occasion she caught a train, asked for a child's fare, but didn't have her student ID on her... she "doesn't look 13." Luckily she bluffed the guy that she only had a few dollars on her, that was after she offered her 3rd form maths homework as evidence & was rebuffed.

All that's irrelevant though. Consider it padding.

Just before she boarded, we scoffed a bacon burger & chips from one of the cafes there. Then I left, visited Placemakers, for reasons too complex to go into here, bought a laundry tub, toilet seat, electric multi-boxes and assorted sealants (as you do), and filled the car with petrol.

Back in the office, because I'm one of those types who can charge all sorts of things willy nilly to my place of employ... I went through my sundry receipts for the day.

Do you guys know what the cafe at the airport is called? According to the receipt, it is called "Espresso & Cooked Straight Bars".

Is it just me, or is there scope for amiguity here? Is it a cooked straight-bar? Or a cooked-straight bar? Oddly we had neither the espresso, nor the bar, straight, cooked or otherwise. Is it some sort of offer for sexuality reorientation?

Next time I'm out there I might ask.

Meanwhile, I've decided to post links to random blog posts. Purely because I find the "Blog this" function the most convenient to use, but I usually delete the irrelevant link. No more!

I'm not sure what this post means, but if we afford some ambiguity to the title the "Blog this" link automatically assigns, we might guess that David Farrar has just been crowned Miss World. And very pretty he is too.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some work to do & a toilet seat to expense.

Miss World 2006 (David Farrar)