Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More meals to impress men!

If memory serves, this is the 2nd in a series (which was itself a response to Dr Che Tibby's Meals to Impress Women - although Che's recipe is a little healthier for you than mine, because obviously, he's a doctor & it has to be).

I also emailed this to Graham Reid, who is collecting life-threatening recipes for his website, a feature called Meals from Elsewhere. So it may turn up online (literally) elsewhere, as Llew's Pork & Prune Medley from SunnyO. Or something.

And folks, much like, as someone somewhere online once said to me, there is no movie that could not be improved by the addition of a scene with Humphrey Bogart shooting a high ranking Nazi officer (I think we were discussing politics), is there any recipe that cannot be improved by the addition of bacon? Bacon is of course, as Homer explained to Bart, "from a wonderful, magical animal called a pig".

2 pork fillets, sliced lengthways & bashed flat like thick schnitzel.

Spoon a truckload of sausage meat mixed with pitted, roughly chopped prunes (that's right, prunes - this dish might not be the healthiest for you, but it doesn't hang around the system long) over one of the pork fillet schnitzels, and cover with the other piece of pork.

Wrap the whole thing up with enough rashers of bacon to hold it all together.

Bake in a medium oven for 45-60 minutes. When the bacon's crisp, it's probably done.

Serve with salad (you pussy), and new potatoes baked with chopped up chorizos & herbs.

This is a festive feast.

And in fact we had it on New Years' Eve last year. Just before getting really trashed.

Today's random link takes you to the downloadable trailer for the new James Bond Film, Casino Royale. It looks fantastic! I particularly like the scene of the calm, and extremely hot, young woman, descending into water in a submerged elevator. Will she live? Who can tell? Yet.

BTW: In my opinion, Daniel Craig looks like he'll do fine. We watched him & Dame Gwyneth Paltrow in Sylvia the other night & the female in residence deemed him "yummy".

Hat tip to Spareroom. From whom I stole this.

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