Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Zealand's top toilets named

About time too. Expect hordes of tourists on organised tours of the nation's public toilets.

New Zealand's top toilets named:

"The toilets were judged on a range of criteria, ranging from signposting, cleanliness , lighting, mirrors and how good the hand drying facilities were."

Actually, I remember my very first good look around Sydney, probably around 1989... and it's not like I'm a frequent visitor to public toilets... no. Truly. ... but I do recall being super impressed with the lavvies at Circular Quay. They were light, airy, clean, and most unexpected of all... they were stocked with toilet paper & soap!

In 1989, I don't think there was a public convenience anywhere in New Zealand which had soap. What was it? Were people stealing the stuff or something? Anyway, seems those days are past.

On the other hand, I am (not) surprised that a public dunny I encountered in the depths of the South Island was overlooked for accolades. I would have to look it up on a map, but it was at a rest area, somewhere in the middle of a beech forest on the way South to Lake Ohau.

It was marked on the AA map we had, it was signposted a few hundred metres in advance. When we found the rest area, there was another sign pointing to a vague path into the forest. Everyone was desperate, I was sent into the gloom to find it & report back.

Some 50 yards into the trees, I spotted some used tissue on the ground, next to an ancient fallen log. On top of that log was a toilet sized hole...

I think you can see where we're going here. Or not going. We drove on until we found a garage.