Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Time for a TV review or two.

Blokie & RoundieI’ve had my sport in the past with Logan & Brown & their Grillslinger™ and I’ve even had their supporters come & tell me off for it. And truth be told, I’m coming around to the Grillslinger™ idea. I think the tools themselves are marvellous, but the belt puts me off. It’s a bit like when I bought a massive sack of Eukanuba™ dog food & it came with a free bum bag & dog walking accessories. I love my free stuff, and Eukanuba™ have been very generous in the past, I have a free Eukanuba ™ travel pet bowl, a free Eukanuba™ self filling water bowl (with a European hose connector so that it doesn’t work in NZ, free Eukanuba™ doggy doo bags & on board carrier. And all sorts of stuff. And so I was really pleased with my free Eukanuba™ bum bag, with water bottle, another free travel bowl, and sundry clips to attach other stuff to. And a bum bag is a great idea in Summer, there is a lot of stuff to carry when walking a dog, during Winter I have loads of jackets & pants & pockets, and carabinas & the like.

And so I swanned around in my bum bag for a while, and several weeks later I realised that the drink bottle was for the dog, not me, hence the travel bowl. And then I had an epiphany of sorts, I realised that the Eukanuba ™ bumbag & accessories was all a bit CHiPs. So I stowed it in the cupboard.

Anyway, Logan & Brown… Logie & Brownie…

Did you all catch their TV series Hunger for the Wild? It was appointment viewing. Although I missed two of them & hope they repeat them (sorry, I mean encore them).

If you missed it, basically the boys, Blokie & Roundie… would head into the wipwops each week in a magnificent old car of some sort, with a wine cellar in the boot, truss up a local & have them take them to where the whitebait/crayfish/wild pigs/flounder et al hang out, show them how to catch dinner & then hoof it back to base where Roundie prepared a magnificent feast, all the while sporting his Grillslinger™ slung manfully around his hips.

And these two are just so charming & irrepressible that it’s impossible not to enjoy the show thoroughly & salivate over the food.

So guys, sorry about the Grillsinger™ jibes. I look forward to season 2.

And from quintessential blokes, we move on to The L Word.

Heh heh… Watched this last might. Mrs Llew spotted it was on & she’d been advised that it is solid viewing, plus, she’d heard that Jennifer Beals starred, and she is a huge Flashdance fan. I was sceptical, but as the credits rolled I noted that the ensemble cast also includes the fabulous Mia Kirshner, who you may recall from the marvellous Atom Egoyan film Exotica, and possibly from the very first episode ever of 24, in which she played the hot airline passenger who abruptly killed a flight attendant, then sky dived to safety just before a bomb detonated killing everyone on board. Wottagal.

Anyway, Mia is the straight chick who's moved into an LA neighbourhood populated by lesbian supermodels. She is then tempted away from her straight boyfriend by the stunning dyke café owner Marina, played by the stunning Karina Lombard, who we really should see more of, and we probably will.

It’s got nudity, sex, profanity, drug use. Man, I’m in! During the party scene, which featured lots of very attractive women making out, Mrs Llew nudged me & asked “How’d you like to be at a party like that?”

Since we have a few lesbian acquaintances, only one of whom is remotely attractive (I will admit that I’ve known her for decades & she really is beautiful), my reply was “But in real life they’d all look like Gerry Brownlee.”

A thought that spoiled the moment.

So anyway, the L Word, a glossy soap, with improbably beautiful lesbians.

I’ll keep you posted.

Exotica (1994)