Thursday, February 15, 2007

Great Minds

Had several occasions recently where in hindsight, I have realised that everyone in the room had the same thought as me, but for various reasons, no one said a word.

1. Mrs Llew & I were being shown a macadamia drying room. It was a medium sized room furnished with several rods mounted from wall to wall, from which hung string sacks of drying macadamia nuts. There was a serious looking dehumidifier in the corner.

And did I mention the entire room, walls, ceiling, was lined with tin foil?

Hours later, Mrs Llew mentioned "Didn't you think that was the perfect room for growing cannabis?"

And I did. Not that I would know of course.

2. Sat in on a committee meeting discussing fundraising. Let's say for the sake of argument, that this was fundraising for a dragon boating team...

One person was adamant that we needed to get a calendar shot & printed, of the boys, with their shirts off.

I countered "Um... it's February, are you talking a 2007 or 2008 calendar?"

The calendar champion was not to be deterred - "Can you think of ANYTHING that would sell better than a calendar with pictures of the boys with their shirts off?"

There was a conspicuous silence, during which I, and as I discovered later, pretty much every other person in the room, thought to themselves - "Yes, a calendar with pictures of the girls with their shirts off..."

But wimps that we are, and seeing as we're talking about school teams here, I think everyone decided it'd be way to icky to mention it.

That's what blogs are for.

2005 calendars should be off the presses soon. We ended up deciding that the calendar should be of the parents with their shirts off*. Mine's September, ensure you're wearing sunglasses. Get in early to avoid disappointment.

Today's random "BlogThis" site takes you to where the gloves come off, where the blood boils, where the air is thin, where the ears are thick... etc. My money's on Welly_Girl BTW.

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* I have recounted this story once before by email, and in one of those weird occasions where the world was in tune with itself (does that make sense?) I clicked "Send" to the recipient, just as an email arrived from him with the news that he'd just been photographed with his shirt off for the Listener.