Wednesday, February 14, 2007

That skydiver who survived...

Hat tip to the Spareroom. I plundered it shamelessly.

Seeing as Mr Holmes lived though, I avoid feeling guilty about laughing at the dialogue:

Jonathon: "You OK?"
Michael: "No."
Jonathon: "Does it hurt anywhere?"
Michael: "Yes."

World exclusive skydiver video... watch the incredible footage here! the Daily Mail

Michael's not the first person to survive a terrifying fall like that, but those who have form a reasonably exclusive club.

I remember seeing hilarious footage of basejumpers leaping off a bridge someplace. It sure was a long way down, and one guy suffered a gear malfunction & did his very best Wile E Coyote impression, silently dwindling into the distance, and landing with a barely audible "Pffft" in the shallow river some several hundred metres below. He also lived. Walked away unscathed.

Should you ever find yourself plummetting several hundred or thousand metres without the aid of a parachute, you might want to bone up on increasing YOUR chances of joining that club. Here are step by step instructions on surviving a long fall.