Friday, February 23, 2007

Nuts, nuts, nuts.

Any man walking along the street carrying flowers gets a lot of attention. Women smile, and sometimes mouth a silent "Awww..." Men smirk.

I don't care though, I'm getting laid tonight!

And as I strode proudly & manfully toward my destination I suddenly saw one word sprayed 3 times on the pavement:

"Nuts, nuts, nuts.

And that is a sign, because today, in fact, approximately 5 minutes before this auspicious sighting, I had had a call from a man with glad tidings.

"It was sticky, but you've got it!"

He was referring to our latest property purchase. I haven't time this week, but next week I'll be getting my new business cards printed:

"Blogger, Broker (Arms), One-Dimensional-Collectivist-Fuckwit, Orchardist"

Well to be honest, what we did today was go unconditional - this gives us approximately one month now, to win lotto.

Easy eh?