Thursday, July 26, 2007

I think their days are numbered

United Future? Hah! Yes!!

But I mean pitbull terriers.

I have some sympathy for the owner in this case, the dog was tied up (and presumably registered) and a little girl ignored her mother's instructions & tried to pat the dog. Which was not receptive to the attention.

Pitbull bites chunk out of little girl's lip -

And as for the statement that "You don't see labradors running around constantly attacking people."... aren't labradors responsible for most of the dog attack statistics in NZ? (I have heard this, but I do not know if it is true). If it is, it's probably because there are more labradors than any other breed.

More than likely if this dog had been a labrador it wouldn't have been reported anyway.

But I do like the point made that responsibility for such events does not rest solely with the dog owners. People should not approach strange dogs (special dispensation for the Reserve Bank Governor - he can go for his life, I'll supply the pitbulls.)