Monday, July 09, 2007

Winter Harvest

Brilliant! We harvested 4 mature trees, all, apparently, the same cultivar. I mention this because you'd expect the same cultivars to produce similar amounts, but one tree yielded 25 kilos, while the one at the lowest end of the range gave up only 5.2 kg.

There's also quite some difference in the size of the nuts produced by each tree.

The total? 49.9kg.

Didn't quite crack 50, but these will hang in the drying room for 3 months now, losing more weight.

And we saw a live rabbit! I can report that even if I'd been standing there with a loaded shotgun, pointing at the exact spot the rabbit bolted from, I'd have missed.

And Borat brought our mower back. Well, he looks & sounds like Borat, although his real name is Sebastian. And I'm guessing he's Swiss. But he'll always be Borat to us now. And bonus, Borat has fixed the mower, so that it picks up the mown grass & leaves.

He checked out the derelict farm trike too, which has never worked. And he huffed & he puffed & in a burst of oily smoke, the trike came to life. Borat nearly went the other way, as he stumbled from the smoke filled stable.

He showed us how to use it, which is academic, because after he left three of us nearly threw our shoulders out trying to start it again. We've given up. I'll take it back to Borat & have him fix the electric ignition, sod these broken pull start devices.

Oh, and even in 3rd gear it goes about 5 kph. Woohoo, watch the bend!