Monday, July 02, 2007

Jump back around 5 years

The previous owners of SunnyO made a silly mistake in my opinion. They looked around their property, and noticing a half acre paddock with 7 mature macadamia trees in it, they thought, "Let's plant 50 or 60 more! Then we'll buy a husking machine, a cracking machine, several ovens, and we'll build a processing plant & drying room!" Brilliant, then we'll watch the money roll in because macadamias sell for $55 a kilo!"

First mistake - $55 per kilo. I dunno about that, all I know is, I can order a kilo over the web for $8.

Second mistake - if they'd turned around, they'd have noticed the mature avocado tree, which produces heroically all year around, and whose fruits merely need picking & packing.

I just cannot believe that they didn't think "Sod these nuts which are about as tough as cannonballs & require a huge capital investment, let's plant 50 of these avocado trees!"

Oh well.