Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Then again...

It wasn't so bad after all! Mental note: only shop where the sales staff are hot & keep bending over so you can see down their top. Shopping as spectator sport.

Not that I looked of course!

But it was Rodd & Gunn, I tried on everything, including trousers. Everything looks quire different from out of the artificial light. Once I'd chosen I said:

"Do you mind if I wear the jacket out? I made some poor clothing choices this morning"

So, one moleskin jacket (poor moles, god knows how many I'm wearing right now), one pair of tan trousers to wear with them, and one pair of hush puppie shoes, which were ridiculously cheap, so who knows how long they'll last.

"Hush puppies? Lemme look - do they have animal tracks on the tread & a hidden compass?"

"What?" said the not at all hot, spotty youth from the shoe shop.

"Pah", I snorted, "things have gone really down hill with these shoes since I was 6 years old!"

"Um... yeah"

"Ok I'll take 'em, do you mind if I wear them out of here? I made some poor clothing choices this morning"

"Knock yourself out, animal track dude."

SunnyO: Hole in my shoe