Thursday, March 22, 2007

Google Searching

scrotum tightening surgery - Google Search

Eeeh.... heh. I'm 7th in the list. Hope the poor guy found what he was looking for.

Meanwhile, "Nicky Watson Topless" continues to be the number one search string visiting this site, but over the last few days since I mentioned "Britney Spears"... the gap is closing.

Oddly, about 2 people per week come here looking for "Tanya Horo Porn Movie" (that's Miss Lucy to you), & I would hazard a guess that searching for such a movie or clip will prove fruitless. But if I'm wrong, please do drop me a line.

And from the very obscure search list comes "phillip alford, actor, where's he now?". The search doesn't answer the question (as far as I can see) but if you're wondering, Philip Alford was the child actor who portrayed Atticus Finch's son in To Kill a Mockingbird. And that information WAS available on SunnyO all along.