Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I spent a lot of the weekend mowing lawns

Well... some of it anyway. Spent Saturday night drinking, eating & making merry with friends. We were supposed to be greeting the 15 year old at around 7pm when she was to be dropped off from her Wanganui rowing regatta earlier in the day. We got a text at 6.30 saying they were just leaving...

No-one was keen to stay sober to go pick her up from the drop off point, so at around 10pm, 6 middle aged drunks & a labrador staggered 600 metres down the road & around the corner.

Mission accomplished.

For the next two days I struggled to get the mower to start twice in a row without having to recharge the battery. I got the lawns done, and the orchard, in the end.

While doing the orchard, something interesting happened. A large rat sauntered through the grass. I charged it, it moved away (the mower isn't very fast). I screamed at it! And wondered where my faithful hunting hound was.

Then the hound turned up - Mrs Llew had heard me scream & came over in case I'd just mowed my leg off or something. The brave dog knew a rat had been there, but she ignored Mrs Llew's shouts to "Look this way" at the calmly retreating rat carrying a big macadamia nut.

Finally, when the rodent was nearly through the fence into a neighbouring paddock, Wilma spotted it. Man she moved fast. But too late. Too late.

I might get have to get a gun after all. I can ride shotgun on the mower.