Monday, December 10, 2007

Rainy Day

Visitors from the USA & Hawkes Bay, respectively

In an effort to make this visitor from the Hawkes Bay's day, someone clever photoshopped him into this picture of American actor Giovanni Ribisi kicking back at the Mighty Mighty last week. Damian was only recently saying that there should be more celebs in Wellington.

Meanwhile, off topic completely, this year's nut harvest at SunnyO is all over. Bar the drying. We stripped 6 trees (and have a slight suspicion there should have been another one ready to go somewhere), and harvested less than 20kg! This is a lot less than I expected, but they are biennial & this is the light year. That makes around 70 kg for the year.

I expect 5 times that next year.

And we rejoiced! For yesterday afternoon it rained for the first time in ages! And it rained all night! Our massive rainwater tank was half empty & I was slightly worried. Within two hours of rain falling theough, the tank was full again, as was every plastic bin & bucket I could lay my hands on.

It's gonna be a long hot & dry one folks. But we're ready.

I should have known it was going to rain, because I organised it by spending the day prior installing a simple irrigation hose in the berry house - of course it always rains when irrigation gets installed. At least we have the water to run through it.

In beast news... there was a rat in our barbecue when I uncovered it. Not on the cooking surfaces, down in the guts of the thing. And later, while I was watching buckets fill with rain, a rat darted past me & up one of the phoenix palms. Just where is our large predator when we need her?

I seeded the place with rat bait. That'll learn him.

Reconsidering getting a big air gun too.

Oh - and here's the real photo with Hadyn.

Giovanni & Hadyn