Friday, March 30, 2007

Free Advice from a Nobody

And worth every cent!

1. John Key - I have mixed feelings about the anti-smacking bill (I looked up what it is really called & it is so boring that I immediately forgot it), but where is your spine man? Get out there now & announce that you will repeal it the moment you gain power. Whether you mean to or not, is frankly irrelevant, but any MPs wavering on the vote may well decide to go with their conscience rather than bring in a law that will be repealed at the earliest opportunity. I feel you're sitting on the fence not quite believing that more than 80% are against the bill. I don't quite believe it either but those sort of figures are worth a punt.

2. Pita Sharples - Gag Tariana & brazenly woo the pakeha party vote, you could be deputy PM next year, taking voters from both Labour & National.

3. Helen Clark - um.. I have no advice for you, except should you bring interest rates down sharply you will successfully buy my vote.

Meanwhile, this is very, very, cute.

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