Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Out of the night....

When the full moon is bright...
Comes a horseman known as Gorro
This bold renegade
Carves a G with his blade
A G that stands for Gorro

Al Gore, liar and now hypocrite | Whale Oil Beef Hooked

It's obvious!

The Clintons know that Americans might be ready for a black or female president (say, Condi... up to anything next election?) but won't vote for a fat one, and so they are watching Al Gore closely for any signs he may have joined a gym.

Gore knows this, and so has built a state of the art gymnasium in the naturally formed limestone catacombs beneath his Nashville Mansion (which was bought from the Wayne family some years ago) complete with olympic size heated swimming pool, solarium & sauna. And assorted pinball machines because Al's always liked pinball machines.

At some stage, the buffed & tanned El Gorro will don black mask, sword & cape & ride out onto the election trail on his faithful steed Gorenado (who during the day is in charge of fertilizing the grounds).