Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Photos will phollow

As will a complete post to the Wellingtonista - And it is now online!

I craned my neck out of the office & watched the Anti-Snacking protest. Or maybe it was the Pro-snacking protest, I get confused.

I can sympathise with those who believe that snacking is one of the foundation stones of a family upbringing. But given the alleged obesity epidemic, I can also see the opposing point of view. Snacking can be bad for you.

And I saw some guy arrested, I think he was from the anti-snacking crew, he was wearing a New Zealand flag, and he ripped up someone's placard. We shouted to the police to taser the guy, not least because I had a camera on me & i thought that'd be a pretty great thing to record & blog about. But they dragged him off down towards Kirks. There are a few places down that way where the police could give him a really good snack.

Should we be allowed to snack? I dunno really, I should probably pay more attention, but I'm not much of a snacker myself. The young 'un is, particularly after rowing practise, and when a kid is hungry, I fail to see the harm in a light snack, or even a reasonably heavy snack.

I guess it's over to you & your conscience.

BTW - that's not Zelig standing behind Blumsky & next to Farrar, should footage be shown on TV. It's someone else. Who left early to go find a snack before he got labelled a National Party Stooge.