Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sage advice

Hmm... maybe I should blog about the best sage bush in the world! But I guess it got sold with the house it came with. Oh well. It was lovely though.

Anyway, I'm dispensing good advice today:

No matter how proud you are that you are displaying some primo backbone... I DO recommend that you have finance arranged BEFORE you go unconditional.

No matter though, my spine trusted the universe to come through & it did. Two days before settlement... And the low level headache I've had for the last month, does in fact seem to be getting better.

You can all take consolation, when you hear Dr Cullen, or Dr Bollard (he's a doctor too isn't he?) lambasting irresponsible property buyers, in the knowledge that he is talking about me. Or me by association with Mrs Llew anyway.

We have set rules now though - no more open homes, no more homes Fullstop.

And today's (not quite) random BlogThis hails from the land of Chow Yun Fat, and concerns a young married couple having to sell their home & presumably put their names on the Housing New Zealand waiting list. Personally, I'd not begrudge Alison Mau a cent if they paid her whatever was necessary to don the sequins & trip the light fantastic* on Dancing With the Stars. I'm sure that would cover it. And when I say "cover it" I mean the costs of their renovations - not... well you get the drift.

Failing that, they could do like the rest of us, who have severely overburdened themselves with old, rundown, houses in expensive areas - live in overpriced squalor for the rest of their lives.

By the way, anyone who has ever hankered for a small, or large, parcel of (very close to) coastal land... feel free to contact me (Just reconstruct the email address that I just put under the photo of the dog).

Cactus Kate: Media Paupers

* WTF does "trip the light fantastic" mean anyway?