Friday, March 02, 2007

What we need right now!

Maybe it's because like Martha, I've recently been attending to taxation matters, and before I get onto the meat of this post, let me just say that IRD are my friends!

Yes, friends. They contacted me not so long ago (one of those occasions that I have read David Slack describe, in his case referring to being scowled at by the Prime Minister, as "scrotum tightening"). But lo! They had rung to say that some years ago, we had overpaid our PAYE & they were ringing to ask what did I want them to do with upwards of $1500 that rightfully was mine!

Of course, I said "Give it all to Dr Cullen. He knows best what to do with it."

BWAHA! As if.

So anyway, for no particular reason, other than I was perusing the news, which offers lots of candidates for what I'm about to propose... and Martha's taxation rollercoaster, which has no relevance other than tax & stuff makes me really restless & bored... and I thought that what this town could do with right now, fire bans permitting, is a good old fashioned Effigy Burning.

How long since we had a good one of those? Have we ever?

I'll offer that I can think of 3 people right off the top of my head whose effigies would look pretty good perhaps, blazing on a punt or something, out in the harbour. Or effigies, (and isn't that a wonderful word) representative of the cast of Grey's Anatomy? Or...

...I'll take suggestions & pass them onto the Effigy Burning Sub-Committee of the council.

Wanda Harland: The rollercoaster of tax