Friday, April 15, 2005

Braveheart hunter..

Wilma caught a mouse this morning.

I thought something was up when I saw her with her nose jammed behind the big basket that holds our vegetables in the kitchen. Then later with her nose behind a big wire basket that holds noodles & pasta.

So I moved the basket, and a mouse quite casually swung out into the kitchen, through the door to the hall, past two very bored looking cats who were waiting for their breakfast, and into the lounge.

Wilma looked at me for a second & then raced in pursuit, causing the bored cats to have to snap out of it & get out the way or be trampled in the rush.

So then Wilma had her nose jammed behind & underneath the three big & very heavy couches that adorn our newly painted lounge.

T told me just to leave it & set a trap later. So I forgot about it. I was thinking "Please God, don't make me have to move the piano again!" I only moved it back yesterday & it wasn't pretty. But I had visions of it infested with mice & us having to sing "Silent Night" - subtle musical history reference (TM) - forever more.

Until I looked out at Wilma sitting on the back porch playing with a dead mouse.

WTF do those cats think we have them for?

I guess I'll be spending part of my weekend closing off the suspected gap that exists behind our dishwasher - or whatever it is that causes a huge draught, and presumably lets mice in.

Oh and T found a weta in her shoe this morning. So it's been a big day for uninvited critters. She wanted me to pour boiling water on it to kill it, but I sneaked it down the back garden & set it free...