Friday, April 08, 2005

*michelle, on-the-deathwatch reporting from italy*

Funny how people squander a really good post on someone else's comments

Here's Michelle on the line from Rome. Lifted from a comments field.

I'll tell you what Llew, it's a beautiful day here in the Holy City and the crowds of people waiting to view the Pope are creating quite a festive atmosphere as they queue for up to 8 hours outside St Peters. With the soaring unseasonal temperatures, the decision to not embalm the Pope is beginning to seem like the wrong decision as his body begins its slow journey into decomposition with the visible leaking of plasma from his popal cuffs although the Faithful believe that the liquid is actually Jesus Christ's tears from his crucifiction.

Although it wasn't a huge surprise that the Pope died this year, only 4 of the 9 deathwatch participants had him on their lists. That gives them a margin of 16points in front of the rest of the contestants and that is a very good start considering it's only April. I'm hoping that Luciano Pavrotti is the next to kick the bucket to project me out into the lead even further as no one else has picked him as shirking his mortal coil during 2005. Back to you in the studio, this is Michelle reporting for SunnyO News from the Vatican, Rome, Italy.
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