Thursday, April 14, 2005

Breaking news from the Vatican City

Heard on the radio this morning:

German Cardinal, Joseph Ratzinger leads the race."

A few years back, Pope John Paul II was visiting the USA. He arrived
at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to be greeted by the
chauffeur of a large & fast looking cadillac Limousine.

The Pope was impressed, and he said to the chauffeur:

"You know, I've always wanted to drive a Cadillac, what's the chance
you will letme take the wheel for the journey to the White House?"

The chauffeur wasn't very keen on this, who knew if the Pope had a driver's licence even? But he was a respectful man, and who was he
to turn down a request from God's man on Earth? So he reluctantly
agreed to sit in the back & let the Pope drive into town.

So away they went, with the jubilant Pontiff at the wheel.

However, the Pope, used to Italian roads & speed limits, got a little
carried away. And several miled down the road, the chauffeur heard
sirens approaching at speed from the rear. He respectfully notified
the Pope & asked him to slow down and pull over.

The Traffic Policeman that was chasing them pulled over in front of
the limo & dismounted from his motorbike. He warily approached the
driver's window & motioned for thje window to be wound down.

he did a double take when he recognised the driver, stepped away from the car & radioed his captain.

"Captain", he said, "I have just pulled over a speeding limo & I have a big problem"
"What is it?" asked his chief.
"I've pulled over a Very Important Person & I'm not sure what to do"
"Who is it? Barbra Streisand?"
"More important than her" said the nervous cop
"The mayor?"
"No, much more important than that!"
"The... the... President?"
"No, not the president"
"Then who is it man? Who is more important than the President?"

"Captain" said the now babbling cop "I think it's God, because he's
got the fucking Pope for a chauffeur!"