Thursday, April 14, 2005

My bit for cross-generational relations

I'm cool, hip, charming & able to relate to anyone...

So when a 15 year old boy came to stay, I was ready.

"So Ricky... what're you planning to do when you leave school?"
"Grunt... lawyer"
"Cool, so you like your school?"
"Grunt... my school sucks. They don't teach me anything useful. I don't play their game."
"Excellent.... which school are you at?"
"St Grunt-ards"

I try safer ground...

"What's your favourite movie?"
"Kung Pow"


"OK... time for some music. How about everyone chooses a CD & we play them all on shuffle?"

Rick hands over the CD from his portable that he's been plugged into since he arrived. After about 3 wide ranging tracks... the stereo issues a sound that brings to mind a jet engine winding down, at about 3 times the volume of all previous tracks. Furthermore, there may well be a team of men trapped within the engine, trying to get out using jack & sledge hammers.

"So Rick... this will be one of yours?"
"WTF is it?"
"System of a Down. Grunt"


"So what else have System of a Noise done?"
"Grunt. System of a DOWN"
"Right... don't know why I said that..."


"So what else have System of the Down done?"
"System of A Down"
"Of course"


Whisper to M
"I'll keep watch, you change it for any old rubbish"
"Right. Tee hee..."


"Hey. Grunt. Been a while since I heard MY music!"
"Funny how random play goes sometimes."