Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Hold the front page!!! etc

We interrupt this afternoon's scheduled transmission (My successful attempt to rationalise the Theory of Relativity with Quantum Mechanics - the Grand Unified Theory!) to bring you important breaking news.

That Subway place does a pretty impressive lunch!

Spotting a 20 minute gap between meetings on what has turned out to be a very busy, meeting filled day, I dashed down the Quay to grab something that will later on today become dinner.

That successfully accomplished, I turned my thoughts towards lunch. I usually don't do Subway - the queues put me off, and on the one occassion I came upon a queue free Subway branch, they gave me a different sandwich to the one I ordered.

But today, queue free (relatively), I decided to give them another try. I ordered the Steak & cheese sandwich. And I must say, the production line way they construct these things... disturbs me a little, it's no wonder they gave me the wrong one last time. Half the time I don't know which of the seven attendants lined up I'm supposed to be listening to & answering.

I have a traditional strategy for times like this though - I just say yes to everything (which to digress for a moment, is how I ended up with an Edinburgh pub lunch once, consisting of roast beef, yorkshire pudding, gravy, chips, baked beans, pickled gherkins & peas. delicious!). So it was yes to onion, lettuce (attendant 1), tomato (attendant 2). Then determined to stamp my individuality on the process, I turned down the cucumber (although it IS possible I turned down cucumber for the guy next to me), but accepted the capsicum & gherkin (attendant 3). I gave the nod for the steak on top of all this - actually just thinly sliced beef - if you want a "real" steak sandwich, there's a place in the BNZ arcade which does a pretty hedonistic rib-eye steak burger. recommended - (attendant 4), and smearing a very generous quantity of jalapeno chillis. My individuality was again expressed, when I identified not one, but two sauces to go on top - dijon mustard & barbecue sauce (attendant 5). Attendant 6 took my cash.

And by golly, the whole thing was rather tasty.

It's a 50/50 chance whether I'll enjoy another in the next year or so, but you never know...

BTW attendant 7 appeared to be in charge of cookies & they weren't on my horizon today.