Monday, October 17, 2005

Coming soon - pictorial tour of SunnyO.

When I down or up load the photos - sometime this week.

I was wandering aimlessly around in the weekend, gathering kindling, checking on the sheep, checking the part of the fenceline which Wilma has suddenly discovered she can easily slip through & search the neighbour's property for the cat she saw last week... while ignoring all "cease & desist & fucking well come here & heel ya mangy mutt" commands...

And I'd had the forethought to slip the camera in my pocket.

So when I have the time I'll post up a bit of a tour of the property. Including the hole I dug this weekend which will one day be a nice paved barbecue area... and the ring of debris that once filled the hole, and is now my "proto-fire pit". I mean, it's just a circular ring of sand & sod at the moment, but one day (post paving) it'll be lined with rocks & cemented together with mortar mixed with ash (unless that looks a lot crappier than I envisage), and it'll be our firepit - complete with a little garden seat nearby which will be chainsawed out of a mammoth willow stump.

Anyway. That's the plan. And plans change regularly at SunnyO.

But Clods! Rejoice! I took some photos of the kitset shed that was last spring's project.

And the clothesline that I built in the school holidays. And the nifty little garden Mrs Llew made out of a tractor tyre that way back in 2002, I suggested would make a nice little raised garden. but the missus scoffed mightily at - plans change!