Thursday, October 06, 2005

Mate, I'm in! (Worthy & interesting cause alert).

Public Address | Island Life - Thinking Like an Ad Man

David, if your source, or any advertising agency he or she is affiliated with gets any venture off the ground & needs an "agent" on the ground in Wellywood, well schooled in filmic & TV appreciation, who just *loves* archival footage (although one who has not managed to be in front of a TV when the Unauthorised History has been screening)... and who is purportedly a (slightly used) geek...

I'm your man!

I wonder if they still have an old series called Inside Straight on tape, kind of a Minder inspired drama series set around Wellington & starring Philiip.... someone (Bruno Lawrence's nephew actually, but I can't recall his surname...) and 2nd hand record dealer Silvio Famulares (who was a surprisingly handy actor).

I wonder if they still have Ooky Spooky.... Pukemanu even...

Only thing is, I require $100k per year at least to preserve my current lifestyle & commitments, so that only leaves $700k out of Judy's saved salary, but hey, that should be enough I'm sure. The technology is cheap surely (flash memory perhaps?).

And if an aspiring advertising type who looks good in Gucci (and what advertising type doesn't?) is required on the ground in Auckland, I suspect I have just the candidate here to help out.

Someone just let me know when I can start.