Wednesday, October 12, 2005

OK... let's have some feedback from some of you...

Particularly... the frequent visitors to this site from far flung areas of the world... eg:

1. The multinational consulting firm who appears to hail from somewhere in France.

2. Someone who looks in now & then from Sunnyvale, California

3. The huge company which has an administrative office in Troy, Michigan - I've had considerable dealings with your firm over the years, do I know you?

4. And anyone else who wants to have a say actually. Bloggers thrive on feedback.

You're all welcome of course, but I'd love to hear from you - what do you like? Dislike? Any requests? Are you hot? Send photos in which case etc.

The email address is underneath the picture of Snowflake the sheep up in the corner, if you dion't want to post a comment.

Possibly I don't need to hear from the (presumably) gentlemen, who surfed in over the last day or so looking for pictures of "naked old men" - funny how these things come in waves, suddenly, all around the world (well, North America anyway) diverse people sat down & entered those 3 words into a google search.

Diverse people from: Florida, Mississippi, New York, Georgia, Texas & Vancouver.

Sorry I couldn't oblige... :)