Friday, October 14, 2005

I like Doonesbury too...

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In fact, I first heard of Donald Trump through the strip - onlookers were chanting "Jump!" to him as he stood looking down from the top of Trump Towers. I used to wonder why he never sued trudeau. I guess it was all true.

In less enlightened days too, I fancied myself as a "Tanmaster", like Zonker, although not personally mentored by Tanmaster Hamilton

Actually, pretty much anything i know of American politics, I learned through Doonesbury.

The sequence covering the "return" of an old & bald Elvis was notable, so too, the agonising of advertising exec Mike, over a big contract to promote cigarettes, leading to the appearance of Mr Butts, and his less reputable relative, Mr "J".

You can get your daily Doonesbury fix here.