Monday, October 03, 2005

Oh well... good luck to Salient

"All 6,000 issues of this week's Salient are being held in an unidentified, secure location at Victoria University at the moment, after our Vice-Chancellor took out an ex parte High Court injunction against us. We got served."

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This reminds me of many, many years ago, when I wrote a letter to Salient and rather recklessly claimed that someone on campus who had organised (badly) a ski trip was "an incompetent c*nt".

This fellow, whose name I can even recall, was unhappy about this & a few days later I received a call from his lawyer...

To cut a long story short (it turned out to be quite a good trip after all, if memory serves, involving drugs, copious amounts of alcohol, mandolin players (don't ask) & even some good old fashioned apres ski scoring (I got served too) - and of course skiing! Possibly. I can't remember much of it), I avoided threatened legal action by writing another letter, this time apologising for calling the gentleman "incompetent". He was happy with that.

I guess that's irrelevant... but never mind, mention of Salient always reminds me of nearly being sued by that indignant fellow.