Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Just a little whinge about In My Father's Den

Saw this in the weekend. read the book last year too - the book is great, although I was quite sure when I started reading it that Celia would turn out to be Paul's daughter - In My Father's Den right? It referred to both of them. Simple..

But I was wrong, and it was a great read anyway.

But the movie? Look, I know that it is sometimes necessary to change the plot of a book so that it is more filmable. Hence, I was quite happy with the change of decade to modern day, and the change of location to from Auckland to Otago... that worked for me.

And then I began to think that maybe they'd succumbed to temptationitis & Celia would turn out to be Paul's daughter after all. OK, I could perplexedly live with that too.

But no, they did something heinous, they besmirched a character (actually, 2 characters) who was (were) unsmirched in print. I won't go into details OK? (Bruce Willis is dead!). But I do not agree with that change. Also, I'm not quite sure, because I was rapidly losing interest after the pernicious besmirching incident, but it is possible that whodunnit changed too.

Pah. Reminds me of a story I read about an adaptation of Tom Brown's Schooldays - the headmaster did it in that one.