Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dog seized after biting two people

I wonder how many more posts I'll get in on the subject before something happens? How many more today even?

Anyway, part of the problem is this:

Miss Clark said she had "stronger views" on dog laws than most people, but every time there was a call for a tougher regime there was "pushback" from responsible dog owners and breeders.

That is because Prime Minister, your "tougher regime" has so far targetted responsible dog owners & breeders - microchips? Whatever for?

As soon as you start targetting the irresponsible dog owners - the unregistered, un-neutered dogs, and the so called "dangerous breeds", the rest of us will lay off.

It's simple, destroy or at the very least desex all unregistered dogs - local authorities know where they most of them are. I'm not all that keen on bans, but I'd probably not complain if the bulls (mastiffs & terriers) were outlawed - all the current registered ones desexed, all the unregistered ones destroyed.

Hmmm... I'm not convincing myself. OK - let's just say - start enforcing current dog laws & the problem may not disappear, but it'll sure reduce.

Dog seized after biting two people - Stuff.co.nz

Oh - and more while I'm at it. Ms Clark also said:

The issue for me is whether that ban goes far enough and the breeds that are specified. The dog that mauled the small child in the park just in recent days was not on that list of banned breeds.

And would it have helped this child if the breed was on the list? I think not. There already IS a law against any breed of dog wandering. Enforce it.