Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Nuts & avacadoes off the menu

One of the reasons I missed the Hustle for AUtism last night was that I spent a reasonable amount of my evening with meh dog at teh vet's. Just her annual checkup, but they were running really late.

And she's generally fit & well. Excepting that she's 4 kg too heavy - which I directly attribute to her cleaning up all the avacadoes that have fallen off the tree. From now on I'll cruise the area first with a bucket.

Her other problem is that she's cracked two teeth chewing macadamia nuts. She sneaks out to the orchard, grabs a mouthful of windfalls & finds herself somewhere quiet to take them apart & eat them.

Her teeth are OK at the moment, but any more damage and & not only will it become uncomfortable for her, but it'll be seriously & financially uncomfortable for me!

So plans to demolish the rotten fence that borders the orchard are on hold. I'll repair it instead.

Fecking dogs!